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Win people’s hearts,
Challenge yourself and face your fears,
Find your own rules

PG Group has been working with these three missions since we started our business 20 years ago with a desk and a phone in a small office in Malaysia. Our humble beginning started by trading small automotive component. Today, it has grown into PG Group,
which manufactures car seat coverings, and KMVI Group, which assembles car seats and manufactures automotive interior parts such as wire harness.

PG Group has grown to a global company with 1,300 employees in Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Russia and achieved an annual sales of USD 120 million.
KMVI Group has grown to a company with 1,100 employees with an annual sales of USD 230 million in Malaysia and Vietnam (J/V).

The challenging spirit that created something out of nothing has been our core value. However, now is the time to take a step further as a reliable partner that takes on the responsibility for product quality and contributes to the development of the automobile industry through a professional management system.

Through continuous innovation, cost reduction, and internal competitiveness,
we will grow into a global automotive component manufacturing company and devote ourselves to create a proud and rewarding workplace for our employees.
Thank you.

PG Automotive Holdings Group Chairman Park Ki Chool박기출
대표이사 인사말

Welcome to Cellmech International

Cellmech International is a company invested by PG Automotive Holdings in Singapore. Our business is to develop and produce car seat covers that determine the comfort and best quality of automobiles.

Currently, we are operating manufacturing plants in Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia. We are also cooperating with DK-RUS, a subsidiary of PG Group, in Russia by supplying raw materials at the group level.

Since 2019, we have been operating factories in Gwangju and Vietnam to supply major models of Hyundai and Kia Motors. In 2022, we launched two models in Indonesia factory. We are growing into a global player in the automotive part business based on specialized technologies for products, high productivity, cost competitiveness and prompt customer response.

Internally, we have implemented smart work system by utilizing real time information management and specialized communication and collaboration systems through ERP. We are making various efforts to develop professionalism of our employees and create a happy workplace.

With the motto of “The most reliable automotive partner”, we will contribute to the development of automotive industry as a small but strong company through enhancing business competitiveness, operational innovation, and discovery of new growth engine to be loved by customers and employees. Thank you.

Cellmech International CEO Kang Seung Ho 강승호
대표이사 인사말


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