Establishing period

2000 ~ 2009

  • 2000APMI Global Sdn Bhd established
  • 2001C.N.A Manufacturing established (Pekan, Malaysia)
  • 2004Built C.N.A Manufacturing (Gurun, Malaysia)
  • 2004The 1st logistics factory established (Pyeongtak, Gyeonggido)
  • 2004Achievement of 10 Million Dollar Export (The 41st trade day)
  • 2008Autocom JSC established (Vietnam)
  • 2009CELLMECH INTERNATIONAL established (Korea)
  • 2009DK-RUS established (Russia)
Leaping period

2010 ~ 2019

  • 2010Established the 2nd logistics factory (Gyeonggido, Hwasung)
  • 2010Established PG Automotive Holdings (Singapore)
  • 2012Established Integrated Automotive Solution (Malaysia)
  • 2013Established AEC JSC (Vietnam)
  • 2014Achievement of 20 Million Dollar Export (The 51st trade day)
  • 2016VAM JSC Established (Vietnam)
  • 2017Achievement of 30 Million Dollar Export (The 54th trade day)
  • 2019Acquired Jeongsan International Vietnam (CELLMECH INTERNATIONAL VINA Established)
  • 2019Acquired Hyundai seat industry (Launched CELLMECH INTERNATIONAL Gwangju)
Globalization period

2020 ~ Present

  • 2020Took PJ Orders in Indonesia
  • 2020Acquired a corporate in Indonesia Established PT. CELLMECH INDONESIA
  • 2023Dongtan R&D center was established


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